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Drug Arrests made by Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Deputies

Drug Arrests By Sheriff's Department July 30, 2021 Evangeline Parish Sheriff Charles Guillory reported to KVPI News that his narcotics division executed a search warrant at a residence in Chataignier . This was after several months of surveillance and intelligence gathering. Agents entered the residence and took three people into custody with out incident. Agents located a large amount of various illegal narcotics, US currency from illegal naroctics sales and weapons. The following people were arrested: Randy Matte age 60 charged with possession of amphetamine, possession with intent to distribute Oxycodone, possession of Clorazepate, possession of Lorazepam, possession of Diazepam, Possession of Alprazolam, possession of schedule four drugs, possession of controlled dangerous substance in the presence of a minor, possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with intent to distribute morphine, possession with intent to distribute Hydrocodone, possession of Suboxone, possession of Carisoprodol, possession with intent to distribute schedule LSD, possession of Fentanyl, possession of crack cocaine, possession with intent to distribute Methamphetamine, possession of cocaine, and possession with intent to distribute marjiuana. His bond was set at $106,500; Also arrested at the same residence was Ashley Bergeron age 28 charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of controlled dangerous substance in the presence of a minor, possession of Hydrocodone, possession of Morphine, possession of Amphetamine, possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled dangerous substances and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond was set at $41,000. Also arrested at the home, Ryan Timothy Daigle age 29 charged with possession of LSD, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled dangerous substances, possession of controlled dangerous substances in the presence of a minor, possession of methamphetamine and he also has a bench warrant. His bond set at $62.500. Also on Wednesday, the K-9 unit stopped a car on Tate Cove Road for a traffic violation, Deputies deployed their drug dog, Diego, to a do a search of the car and they located narcotics. This led to the arrest of Mckayla Angelle Sonnier age 19 of Opelousas charged with possession of Suboxone and cited for possession of marijuana and a traffic violation. Also arrested was Hunter Lynn Boone age 24 of Opelousas cited and released for possession of marijuana; Last Saturday July 24 The K-9 unit stopped a car for a traffic violation. Following an interview with the driver, narcotics were located. The suspect was identified as Khaddishia Kelsey Lana Anderson age 26 of Ville Platte cited for possession of marijuana and a traffic violation. On July 27, the traffic division was working traffic on I-49. They attempted to stop a car for speeding. A high speed pursuit began with speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour. Once the pursuit ended, led to the arrest of Jaworra Dorsay age 29 of Alexandria charged with aggravated flight from an officer, possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled dangerous substances and obstruction of justice and Martavus Rhone age 29 also of Alexandria charged with possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled dangerous substances and obstruction of justice.

Barney Bridges guest speaker at Ville Platte Rotary Club

Ville Platte Rotary Club Meeting July 27, 2021 The Ville Platte Rotary Club heard from Barney Bridges, a star baseball player at McNeese State University who went on to play in the major leagues for the Houston Colt 45's. Bridges is a native of Ville Platte. After being let go by Houston Bridges went back and completed his studies at McNeese. After getting his degree, Bridges went to work at Shell Oil and later for Citgo for 34 years. His heart was in baseball. He competed in Men's Fast Pitch Softball in the national finals. He said one of his highlights was when ABC's Wide World of Sports did a feature on his championship team and got to shake hands with TV Host Curt Gowdy. His father, Ray Bridges, was the manager of the popular semi pro team, the Ville Platte Pirates. Bridges said his advice to ball players that education should be their number one priority since only two percent of college players make it to the pros. He was the guest speaker of Rotarian Larry Lachney. In other business, Rotarian Wayne Vidrine announced that Katherine Fontenot, a student at McNeese University was one of two winners of the Rotary Club $1250 Scholarship. Club President Jimmy LeBlanc announced that the four newest members of the club: Audie Phillips, Mitch Pellorin , Frank and Rhonda Butler.

Pine Prairie Police arrest juvenile in high speed pursuit

On July 25th, 2021 Pine Prairie Police was on patrol when a white Ford Edge was clocked speeding at 56 mph in a 45 mph zone. When the officer attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle, the driver refused to pull over and sped up to speeds over 100mph. The pursuit went through Mamou where Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office and Mamou Police assisted in attempting to get the vehicle stopped. The driver continued towards Eunice where Eunice Police had a roadblock set up along with a spike strip. The vehicle hit the spikes successfully flattening all 4 tires. The pursuit came to an end in Eunice where the driver was identified at a 15 year old juvenile from Shreveport, LA. The vehicle he was driving was also stolen out of Shreveport. The juvenile is being charged with the speeding, aggravated flight from an officer and reckless operation of a vehicle through Pine Prairie Police and several drug related charges through the Eunice Police Department. Chief Deshotel wants to thank the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office, Mamou Police Department and the Eunice Police Department for all the assistance in stopping the vehicle and successfully taking the juvenile in custody without any further incident.

Drug Arrests made by Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Deputies

Drug Arrests by Sheriff's Department July 22, 2021 Evangeline Parish Sheriff Charles Guillory reported to KVPI News the following arrests were made: On Wednesday July 21, the Evangeline parish Sheriff Department Narcotics Division executed a search warrant on a residence at 621 East Beauregard Street in Ville Platte. This was due to a month long investigation of illegal narcotic sales. Agents entered the residence and found over a pound of marijuana, THC liquid vapes, a handgun and over $3500 in cash from drug sales. This led to the arrest of Jawaski Conrad Thomas age 46 of 621 East Beauregard, Ville Platte charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled dangerous substances and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. On Saturday July 17, agents stopped a car in the parking lot of the Best Motel in Ville Platte. Upon coming into contact with the occupants, agents noticed narcotics in plain view. This led to the arrest of Jaminski Dakwon Fontenot age 26 of 711 Project Street, Ville Platte charged with possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine. On Friday July 16, criminal patrol agents stopped a car on South Thompson for a traffic violation. Two of the occupants had warrants for their arrest. While agents were conducting a search, they discovered narcotics. Kandwani Deante Malveaux age 27 of 611 East Beauregard Street, Ville Platte was cited for possession of marijuana and possession of synthetic marijuana. Also on Friday, the criminal patrol unit stopped a car on the Vidrine road for a traffic violation. The driver admitted to having narcotics in the car. A search was conducted . The driver was identified as Justice Bergeron age 23 of 111 Stagg Street, Ville Platte cited and released for possession of marijuana and a traffic violation. As always, Sheriff Charles Guillory and the Evangeline Parish Sheriff Office is seeking information on criminal activity and urges the public to contact their investigation department at 363-2161.

Evangeline Parish School Board Discusses 2021-22 Reopening Plan

Evangeline Parish School Board

21 July 2021


The Evangeline Parish School Board at Wednesday’s meeting discussed their 2021-2022 School Reopening Plan. Masks are voluntary except on buses, which fall under federal guidelines and require mask-wearing. On campuses, the decision to wear a mask will lie with the individuals, unless a mandate is put in place by the state or federal government. A nurse will be assigned to each campus, routine cleaning will continue, and isolation rooms will still be available, though temperature scanning will be voluntary. The board will continue to work with Dr. Chuck Aswell and a medical team in order to keep all students and employees safe. They would also like to remind everyone that COVID leave and the wearing of scrubs and tennis shoes has expired as of June.


The board also heard from State Senator Heather Cloud in regards to an allocation from the State of Louisiana of $1,000,000 for a new general purpose building on the Bayou Chicot Elementary campus. This will replace the old building, which was damaged by a hurricane several years ago. If needed, the board can use available funds to complete the project.


Additionally, the board:

  • Approved the 2021-2022 Student Handbook and Reference Guide, which can be found on their website, www.epsb.com
  • Added the federal holiday Juneteenth (June 20th) to the 2021-2022 district calendar

Turkey Creek Police Arrests

The Turkey Creek Police Department have remained busy handling various complaints and drug issues. According to a spokesman for Police Chief Steven Ardoin, on Monday July 19, officers with the Turkey Creek Police Department attempted to stop a Honda Pilot with switched plates which in turn led officers on a short vehicle pursuit where the Patrol K9 vehicle was rammed by the suspect where he ultimately crashed the patrol vehicle where the officer and K9 sustained minor injuries. The suspect's vehicle was later located abandoned on Royal Road by the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Department. The incident is still under investigation by the police department. They are asking for anyone with information to please contact the Turkey Creek Police Department at 461-2212. On July 10, a complaint came in about vandalism at the First United Pentecostal Church of Turkey Creek and the complaint was thoroughly investigated. After investigation on July 12, it was learned that two juveniles committed the act. Mrs. Kimberly Campbell of Turkey Creek was cited for improper supervision of a minor. Mrs. Ashley Naquin of Mamou was asked to come in for questioning and upon doing so she wound up being placed under arrest on charges of disturbing the peace, criminal damage to property and resisting an officer. Last Thursday, July 15, while conducting traffic control, officers with the Turkey Creek Police Department made a traffic stop for a minor vehicle infraction. After further investigation and a positive alert from their drug dog, Ice, presumed crystal meth was located. The suspect was identified as John Lea of Ville Platte and charged with possession of schedule two narcotics. Turkey Creek Police Department is continuously striving to make the village a safer place for the residents. Chief Steven Ardoin thanks the public for their continued support and to report all suspicious activity and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Sadie Strong Hamburger Benefit Sale Sells Out Twice

The Sadie Strong Hamburger Benefit Sale at Evangeline Farm Bureau today (Wednesday) was a huge success, with over 1,000 burgers sold. Though they were scheduled to start selling at 10:30 a.m., they began at 10 when a line of cars started forming. By 11 a.m., they sold out and had to pick up more burger patties. Volunteers began giving up their own burgers to help fill orders and many people showed up with donations in hand without wanting a burger. All proceeds will go to the Soileau family to help offset expenses associated with Sadie's multiple surgeries and extended hospital stay.


The Soileau family and everyone at Evangeline Farm Bureau would like to thank the many volunteers, Catholic Daughters, Ms. Mable Foreman, and the hundreds of generous people who showed up to help their community in a time of need.

New charges in Mamou murder case by Sheriff Office

EVANGELINE PARISH SHERIFF'S INVESTIGATORS MAKE ADDITIONAL ARRESTS IN THE HOMICIDE ON LOUANNA STREET Sheriff Charles R. Guillory, of the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office releases the following: MAMOU – Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office Investigators devoted countless hours to the homicide that occurred back on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, at the 1800 block of Louanna Street. The victim identified as 19-year-old Jason Patin of Mamou, LA suffered a gunshot wound to his left shoulder which caused him to succumb to his injury. The initial investigation led to the arrest of a 15-year-old black male juvenile from the area of Mamou, LA. He surrendered himself to authorities safely and without incident the following evening after the shooting. He was charged and will be tried as an adult for Second Degree Murder. Further investigations led to the arrest of two (2) additional black male subjects. Darius Tezeno of Mamou, LA was questioned and charged with Accessory After the Fact to Second Degree Murder. The second arrest was on another 15-year-old black male juvenile of Mamou, LA. He was charged with Principal to Second Degree Murder. He is currently being held in Monroe on unrelated charges at this time.. As always, Sheriff Charles R Guillory and the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office is always seeking information on criminal activity and urges the Public to contact the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office Investigation Department via phone at 337-363-2161 or via the agency's website at www.evangelineparishsheriff.org. Any person reporting information will always remain anonymous

Evangeline Parish Sheriff Charles Guillory Gives his one year anniversary report in Office

PUBLIC SERVICE SHERIFF CHARLES R. GUILLORY ONE YEAR IN REVIEW SINCE TAKING OATH OF SHERIFF ON JULY 1, 2020 During my campaign as Sheriff, some objectives I had promised were to create a drug narcotics unit to curtail illegal drug trafficking which I have done. By adding a Narcotics and Criminal Patrol Division to the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office, we have made over 300 drug arrests, seized over $80,000.00 in cash, five vehicles, 50 various weapons of which six were reported as stolen. That's why it is so important to note you the serial number of your gun so if stolen we can enter the stolen weapon on the NCIC system. With all these drug arrests occurring, crime in Evangeline Parish has been reduced and continues to decrease. Adding to the list of accomplishments, over 30 pounds of both Marijuana and Synthetic were seized along with pounds of Amphetamines (Meth), Heroin, Fentanyl. Also, 2000 Esctacy pills, 500 THC vape cartridges, over 1000 prescription pills and a pound of editable THC. All these illegal drugs were taken off the streets of Evangeline Parish making it safer. The street value of these illegal narcotics well exceeds $100,000.00. EPSO has recovered many stolen four-wheelers in this one year and returning these to the rightful owners and arresting those involved. By doing so, four-wheeler thefts have practically ceased. In July 2020, there was a protest at the GEO Pine Prairie Detention facility which was the first-ever for the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office. This kind of exposure was new to everyone and we have learned from this experience. The Sheriff's Office acted professionally and responsibly for this being the first time. The handling of the event was a success as the protesters were able to speak and get their point across and with minimal injuries occurring. A Traffic Division also was created to run traffic on I-49 in August of 2020. Officers were trained and certified by Louisiana State Police in a new radar system called Lidar. This campaign has been very successful in keeping our roadways safer. We have implemented in collecting fines easier by an on-line payment system; pay with a debit or credit card and everything is uploaded on our computer system immediately. Hurricane Laura hit Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes causing extensive damage. Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office and Cabot Corporation on a joint endeavor began a food, water, and clothing campaign to collect needed items in those parishes affected by Hurricane Laura. Thanks to the generosity of the citizens of this parish, we were able to collect over a ton of goods and we were able to deliver these on September 30, 2020. EPSO has written grants through USDA and we are awaiting approval of three vehicles. With that said, we will apply again this year for an additional 12 vehicles. Grants were also written for radios, body cameras, tasers, and the list goes on. EPSO has implemented a payment option of paying one's Property Taxes online now. The standard in-person option is still available by paying with a cashier's check or money order. You have a choice. Other accomplishments were donations of a Mobile Command Unit (2021 Camper) by Homeland Security, 2020 four-wheeler by Evangeline Parish Farm Bureau, 25 bulletproof vests by Giles Nissan of Lafayette, and 12 body cameras by Sheriff Wayne Morein's heirs. EPSO also has received several monetary donations of various amounts from individuals which was used in our operations. The most important accomplishment by the Evangeline Parish's Sheriff Office came on April 24, 2021, when a One-Cent Sales Tax was passed by the voters of this great parish. I thank people for supporting a much-needed revenue increase earmarked only for the Sheriff's Office. With this passing, there will be much-needed improvements in our office. Additional employee hiring will be increased in all areas especially in Narcotics, Patrol, Criminal Patrol, and Criminal Investigators. A new jail is also much needed and a decision to build a new one or purchase an existing one is on the horizon.


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