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Yesterday (February 14th), police confirmed that were talking to two persons of interest in connection with the Jussie Smollett attack. Mutliple sources told ABC 7 Chicago that the two men were taken into custody for questioning yesterday because cops are investigating whether the two men, along with Jussie staged an attack -- because the actor was being written off of Emoire.

Meanwhile, a source familiar with the investigation told the news that the actor failed to appear for an interview with detectives earlier Thursday (February 14th) but he had since spoken to the cops.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told the news that they are continuing to treat Smollett as a victim and the investigation remains ongoing.

Chicago police told the news station, "Police are investigating whether the two individuals committed the attack - or whether the attack happened at all."

Smollett released a statement Thursday night (February 14th), saying, "Today Jussie did answer routine followup questions for Chicago Police Department and continues to cooperate." His rep and FOX both denied that he staged the attack and that he was being written off of Empire.

Meanwhile, TMZ reported that the homes of the two men were raided on Wednesday night (February 13th). Cops removed shoes, 5 bottles of bleach, electronic devices and other items they believe could help them determine if the two people played any role in the assault. Both men are Nigerian and were extras on Empire. It appears that these are the same men who were captured on the surveillance video.

The family of the two men said that they left for Nigeria the day of the alleged attack and returned on Wednesday night (February 13th) and cops tracked their travels and were waiting for them when they landed.

At press time, the Chicago Police department came forward and denied reports that investigators believe the attack was staged.

JUSSIE OPENS UP ABOUT ATTACK ON 'GMA' Meanwhile, in an interview with Goodmorning America that aired yesterday morning, Jussie opened up for the first time about the racist and homophobic attack against him in Chicago late last month. The Empire star told Robin Roberts that he landed in Chicago to shoot the hit show early in the morning on January 29th and decided to get food at Subway -- and that's when he was attacked. Jussie also discussed his doubters, who don't believe that his attackers yelled out "This is MAGA country," saying, "I didn't need to add anything like that. They called me a f*****, they called me a n*****. There's no which way you cut it. I don't need some MAGA hat as the cherry on top of some racist sundae." Jussie also confirmed that the men in the surveillance photo released by cops are indeed the men that attacked him.


Clip 1 - Jussie Smollett explains what happened during attack in Chicago:

  • "As I was crossing the intersection I heard 'Empire!' . . . I didn't answer, I kept walking. Then I heard, 'F*ggot Empire N*gger!' So I turned around and I said 'What the f*ck did you just say to me?' And I see the attacker . . . masked."

Clip 2 - Jussie Smollett explains what happened during attack in Chicago:

  • "He said 'this MAGA country, n*gger' and punched me in the face. So I punched his a** back. And then we started tussling . . . there was a second person involved who was kicking me in my back. Then it just stopped and they ran off and I saw where they ran. . . . then I looked down and I see that there's a rope around my neck."

Clip 3 - Jussie says he is pissed because people don't believe him:

"I’m p*ssed off. . . . It's the attackers, but it’s also the attacks. At first it was the thing of like, listen, if I tell the truth then that’s it because it’s the truth. Then it became a thing of, like, how can you doubt that? How can you not believe that? It’s the truth. And then it became a thing of.. 'Oh, it's not necessarily that you don't believe that this is the truth. You don't even want to see the truth."

Clip 4 - Jussie on whether or not his attacker will ever be found:

"I don't know. Let's just hope that they are. . . . I was talking to friend and I said 'I just want them to find them.' And she said, 'Sweetie, they're not gonna find them.' And that just made me so angry. Because I'm just gonna be left here with this? . . . So, they get to go free and go about their life and possibly attack someone else and I'm left with the aftermath of this bull? That's not cool to me."

Clip 5 - Jussie says it was his attackers on the surveillance footage that was released:

"For me when that was released I was like 'Ok, we're getting somewhere. ' I don't have any doubt in my mind that that's them. Never did."



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During a makeup masterclass in Los Angeles this weekend with her makeup artist, Kim Kardashian revealed that she never had a nose job. She said, "I never had my nose done. Everyone thought I did, and I said, ‘Wait until I have kids because your real features come out."

Kim added that she did contemplate getting her nose done, but she decided against it. She explained, "I used to hate this bump on my nose. Hated it. Now I love that it makes me look more ethnic."


In other news, Kim's hubby Kanye West surprised her by getting jazz legend Kenny G to serenade her on Valentine's Day (February 14th). Kim got a private performance right in the middle of the couple's living room. Kenny played songs including "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" surrounded by single stem roses in vases.

Kim captured the moment and posted it social media, saying, "NO BIG DEAL KENNY G IN MY LIVING ROOM!!! Happy Valentines Day. Best husband award goes to mine!!!! Most thoughtful gifts ever!!!!"


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KYLIE JENNER HAS $10K WORTH OF LOUIS VUITTON TOWELS IN HER BATHROOM: Kylie Jenner reportedly has $10k worth of Louis Vuitton towels in her bathroom in her Hidden Hills mansion. In addition to the towels, her bathroom, which was designed Martyn Lawrence Bullard, a $775 Fornasetti vase and $450 Gucci butterfly candle can be seen sitting atop a $3,200 vintage silver Curtis Jere Drum side table next to her $12,402 freestanding Waterworks tub.

SERENA WILLIAMS' AND HER HUSBAND HAVE A 'NO PHONE' TRADITION: Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian work hard to keep their love alive. Ohanian told Glamour, "Comparing calendars isn’t romantic, but at the start of every year, Serena and I map out our schedules so ideally there isn’t more than a week that we go without seeing other." Ohanian revealed his favorite dates with his wife. He said, " . . . it’s our simple Sunday tradition. There are no phones, just conversation. And we’ll spend the day together lounging around the house, or playing hide-and-seek or go for a swim in the pool. Just being a family on those days means so much to both of us—more than a billboard, a video montage, or a whirlwind trip to Italy." Ohanian and Williams wed in November 2017.

SAMANTHA MARKLE FURIOUS AT GEORGE CLOONEY FOR DEFENDING SISTER MEGHAN MARKLE: Samantha Markle took to Twitter to blast George Clooney about his recent comments about her half-sister Meghan Markle. She wrote, "Hey Looney Clooney! Your lawyer wife should have taught you not to make statements without facts. I doubt #GeorgeClooney would ghost his mother for no legitimate reason. Be quite Georgie." Clooney spoke out earlier this week about the way Meghan has been treated in the press, saying, "She’s a woman who is seven months pregnant and she has been pursued and vilified and chased in the same way that Diana was and it’s history repeating itself."

LINDSAY LOHAN TRIED TO 'PARENT TRAP' HER PARENTS IN REAL LIFE: Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael Lohan that his daughter tried to get he and ex-wife Dina back together -- although Dina is dating boyfriend Jesse Nadler. Michael told Page Six,"I actually like Jesse, but my children still want Dina and I back together. They have for years." He continued, "As late as my last birthday, my children and I went to dinner at Per Se in NY City only to have a ‘party crasher,’ Dina, show up. Unbeknownst to me, Lindsay set it up and when Dina walked in Lindsay said, ‘Happy "Parent Trap," Daddy!'" Michael said that although their kids have tried to get them back together, in the ended he just wants Dina and his kids to be happy."

COURTNEY COX LOST HER VIRGINITY AT AGE 21: During an appearance on The Late Late Show, 54-year-old Courtney Cox revealed that she lost her virginity at age 21. She said, "I was a virgin until I was 21. I think we can be proud of that, but I remember I dated the guy for a long time … and my mom sent me a pair of underwear to try to, you know, womanhood and they were called Olga. I swear the lace was about three-and-a-half to four inches and then the cotton part, but they were so much better than the ones I was wearing." She added, "I was really backward when it came to that." Courtney revealed that she ended up wearing the Olgas to bed that night, saying, "I did and they were pretty snazzy. I mean, not in this day and age."


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Brad Pitt reportedly regrets the way he handled his divorce from Jennifer Aniston. According to US Weekly, sources say that if Brad could turn back the ahnd sof time, he would do things differently. The source explained that the actor "doesn’t like to dwell on the past," but "of course wishes he’d handled the end of their marriage in a more thoughtful manner. He asked for Jen’s forgiveness a long time ago and she gave it."

Brad attended Jennifer's 50th birthday party last weekend in West Hollywood. The insider said, "Brad gave Jen a card and a hug" -- adding that people were really surprised to see him.


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Reports say that Wendy Williams' staff has stopped all communication with her and the producers are 'moving forward like she doesn't exist." A source told RadarOnline, "At first, they were keeping her and Kevin in the loop, getting their approval on replacement hosts and guests. "Now, they are not even CC-ing them!"

The source continued, "It has been like a vacation having guest hosts. Everyone is laughing and smiling and working together. We all had gotten so used to walking on eggshells around Wendy and Kevin, we forgot what a fun work environment was."


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During a taped segment for Kevin Hart's YouTube series Kevin Hart: What The Fit, Pete Davidson said he was the next Kevin Federline. The segment was taped before Pete's split from Ariana Grande.

During the segment, Davidson and Hart were helping a family pack their belongings to move, but Hart got the family to host a yard sale to get rid of their junk -- while Pete had an asthma attack from the family's dog.

The family's eldest daughter said when she said Pete at her door, "Oh my God, you’re engaged to Ariana Grande!"

Pete said, "Yes, I am. I’m Mr. Grande. It’s me, the new Kevin Federline."

Federline was married to Britney Spears from 2004 to 2007. He left his then pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson to be with Spears after months of meeting her.


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'THE REAL' CO-HOST JEANNIE MAI STARTS WEB SERIES: The Real co-host Jeanni Mai has started her own web series where she will discuss her life, her recent divorce, beauty, body and family, etc. The series is called Hello Hunnay -- her famous catchphrase from the show -- and it is meant to be a self help style segment where she talks about all the things she's learned in her life.

NETFLIX HEADQUARTERS EXACUATED AMID REPORTS OF ACTIVE SHOOTER: Variety reported that Netflix's Hollywood campus was evacuated and on lockdown over a report of a person with a deadly weapon yesterday afternoon (February 14th). The suspect was ultimately arrested and taken into custody off site and had no weapon. Authorities were called to the scene at 3:53pm over a man who possibly had a gun. Netflix later released a statement, saying, "We received a tip about a potential law enforcement incident. Police are conducting a sweep of the lot out of an abundance of caution. There is no immediate danger or threat to our employees."

NICKELODEON TO REVIVE 'ALL THAT': Nickelodeon has announced that they will be reviving All That. According to Variety, Kenan Thompson -- who got his start on the show, will serve as executive producer. Nickelodeon expects former cast members to make appearances in the series. Thompson told Variety in a statement that he is so happy to be on board, saying, "It means everything to me. It was my first job that I ever had. It gave me an opportunity." The show started the careers of Kel Mitchell, Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon and Jamie Lynn Spears and more. Brian Robbins, president of Nickelodeon said in a statement, "We think there’s a great opportunity to find the next pool of stars. We want to bring the show back in a real fun way. This summer, we are going to bring back a lot of the original cast and the cast through the years, and let them introduce the new cast of ‘All That’ to the world."

HGTV MAY BE MAKING A BIG CHANGE TO HOUSE HUNTERS: Reports say that HGTV's House Hunters is undergoing a huge change -- it's losing it's trademark narration. According to E! News, Andromeda Dunker is currently the voice of the series, serving the narrator role since 2009. She told Buzzfeed that she actually saw a recent episode of the show without her narration. She said, "It's really rare for a show to be this popular for this long and for someone to have a job like this for 10 years. I feel really lucky. Would I love to keep doing it forever? Yes." House Hunters airs new episodes on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on HGTV.





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