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COLIN JUST GUSHES ABOUT SCARLETT JOHANNSON: Saturday Night Live funnyman Colin Jost isn’t playing coy about his feelings for Scarlett Johansson. The two have been linked romantically for months and while they haven’t commented on it publicly, when asked about her, he was quite forthcoming. "She’s wonderful," Jost, 35, told Entertainment Weekly. "She’s working, so otherwise, she’d be here." He continued, saying: "She’s pretty cool … It’s hard to have a lot of complaints, she’s pretty awesome … The first time she hosted was the first year I was a writer on the show. So, we’ve kind of known each other since then. She’s the best."

KHLOE KARDASHIAN SLAPS BACK AT BODY SHAMERS: Reality star Khloe Kardashian has had it with her critics on social media. When the Revenge Body maven traded her form-fitting clothing for baggy gym gear, and she saw mutterings about her body online, she decided to respond. "So rude of people to say I’m getting fat because I wore baggy clothes to get laser hair removal," she wrote on Twitter Sunday. She added, "It’s called being comfortable people." Kardashian lost about 40 pounds after finding that she felt better mentally when she worked out. "I definitely think the physical and the mental go hand in hand," she told People last year. "I feel so good in the gym that it affects the rest of my day. It’s a healthy addiction. It’s like buying your sanity!"

KERI RUSSELL WAS ‘RELIEVED’ TO NOT WIN EMMY: Keri Russell was happy to just be nominated for an Outstanding Lead Actress award at the Emmys Sunday night. "It’s such a cool thing to be nominated and I’m always very secretly thankful I don’t have to speak publicly," The Americans actress, 41, told Us Weekly after the show. "Always secretly relieved. Always. I just go, ‘Oh my God. Thank God.’" Elisabeth Moss took home the award for her role in The Handmaid’s Tale. Also up for the award were Viola Davis (How to Get Away With Murder), Claire Foy (The Crown), Evan Rachel Wood(Westworld) and Robin Wright (House of Cards).

JEBEDIAH BILA LEAVING THE VIEW: Jebediah Bila abruptly announced on Monday morning that she would be leaving The View. The ABC show is reportedly considering replacing the conservative pundit with Meghan McCain, who left Fox News recently. "She has new opportunities on the horizon, including her new book," The Views’ producers wrote in a memo circulated to the staff and leaked to Entertainment Weekly. "She’s been a spirited voice at the table over the past year, asking smart questions and challenging us all to think. We want to thank Jed very much for all of her contributions and wish her great success with the next step in her career. She will always be part ofThe View family, and we’ll welcome her back to talk about her new projects."

CARSON DALY’S MOTHER DIES AT AGE 73: Today co-host Carson Daly has lost his mother, Pattie Daly Caruso. The 73-year-old passed away suddenly at home Sunday in Palm Desert, California. She reportedly suffered a heart attack in the morning. Daly’s colleagues shared the sad news on-air Monday. "We spoke to him and he wanted to share this message with all of you," Matt Lauer said. "He says, 'It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our mother, wife and grandmother, Pattie Daly Caruso. She passed away peacefully on Sunday. Kiki, as she was known to her grandchildren and many others, touched so many lives with her kindness, her giant spirit and her love of life. She will be terribly missed by her family and the world, but her spark will shine for eternity.'" She is survived by Carson, her daughter Quinn Daly, husband Richard Caruso and five grandchildren.


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Kate Walsh may have played a doctor to great acclaim on Grey’s Anatomy, but it didn’t prepare her for her real-life health crisis.

In 2015, Walsh went to a doctor after noticing she was exhausted to the point of incoherence.

  • "My pilates instructor said ‘hey, your right side is dipping,’ and it didn’t feel like I was off, but I looked down and could see it. Then when I was driving, I started swerving into the right lane," Walsh told Cosmopolitan. "The exhaustion got to the point where I could drink five cups of coffee and still not feel awake or clear. And then around April, I started having more cognitive difficulties. It felt like aphasia, but it wasn’t just not being able to find words; I would lose my train of thought, I wasn’t able to finish sentences, and that was when I got really alarmed."
  • She tells Cosmo that she did have an instinct that something was seriously wrong, but never thought it was a tumor.
  • "The words ‘brain tumor’ were never in my zeitgeist. I went in for the MRI, and you know it’s serious when they don’t even wait, they’re like ‘hey, the radiologist wants to see you.’ And she starts to say, ‘Well, it looks like you have a very sizable brain tumor’ — and I just left my body," she explained. "My assistant had driven me there, and I had to go get him so that he could take notes, because I was gone. It was never anything I would have imagined."
  • Three days later, she was in the operating room. Walsh says the whole ordeal was a "wakeup call." She took nine months off and focused on gigs that made her happy, like Girls Trip and 13 Reasons Why.
  • "Those cliche, existential things do happen when you have a brain tumor, like, ‘How do I really want to spend my time?’ I want to be with my friends and family and work on projects that are hugely important to me, and fun, and that make a cultural contribution," she said. "But my health comes first, and I’ve had to change my lifestyle."
  • Walsh is now partnering with Cigna on their TV Doctors campaign, alongside Patrick Dempsey, Neil Patrick Harris and Donald Faison, encouraging fans to get check-ups and advocate for their health.


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Beauty mogul Kim Kardashian appears on the cover of Allure, and inside, she discusses her marriage to Kanye West, their children together and the terrifying robbery she went through in Paris that changed their loves forever. (The interview was conducted while the KKW beauty mogul was getting a foot massage because priorities).

Discussing her marriage to West, she acknowledges that they live a lifestyle few of us could ever fathom, but that she tried to keep it real, saying we "try to be as grounded and well rounded as possible," adding, "I don’t like presents anymore."

  • The pair even ended up at a pancake palace for the anniversary dinner, she claims: "We just did absolutely nothing. We spent two days in Santa Barbara, and we slept. You know what? I think we went to IHOP. That’s what we did."
  • Oh. Regarding her copious nude shoots (she’s stripped down for Playboy, Paper, GQ and W) she says: "I’m going to tone it down. But then I’m like, Wait, I can’t be doing it in 10 years, so — I might as well. I don’t know what the age cutoff is."
  • In her video for Allure, she expands on the notions of women, men and equal rights: "I don’t really live by society’s ideals, so what I would hope is just that women are equal, in every way. Whether it’s equal pay, equal rights, I just feel like women should have the same rights as men. I definitely think that women should just have the rights of what they do with their bodies and I think that’s really frustrating when certain rights are being taken away. I feel like we’re just moving backwards when we’ve come so far."
  • Kardashian also revealed a little nugget about her state of mind before the robbery. She explains that she was nervous about a terrorist attack during Paris Fashion Week and that her daughter North sensed her anxiety.
  • To help her relax, she said that North "gave me a little plastic treasure box, and she put her little jewels in it — like fake little plastic jewels — and she was like, ‘Mommy, this will keep you safe when you go to Paris.’ "
  • She says she still treasures it. "To have something really sweet like that is more important to me than all the jewelry," and she takes it with her everywhere.


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TMZ has reported that Kevin Hart is aggressively helping officials track down the person who tried to extort him over a recently surfaced sexually suggestive video. Sources close to the comedian said that he spoke to law enforcement yesterday (September 18th) and that he is "livid" at the culprits. Insiders also said that he is so upset that he is willing to stop everything he is doing to assist authorities. This will be the second extensive conversation he has had with law enforcement.

  • Meanwhile, during a recent interview with Inside Edition, Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, revealed the demise of their marriage. She said, "Lies and infidelity." She continued, "When I met him, he was selling sneakers. He started to get fame and I’m kind of feeling like okay, well…feeling a little left behind. We grew apart."


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An alleged extortion plot involving Kevin Hart is now being investigated by the FBI.

Over the weekend, the comedian issued a public apology on Instagram to his wife Eniko, and his children over what he called an "error in judgment."

  • He did not get into specifics, but TMZ reported that he was being extorted for more than $10 million over a video that shows him in a sexually provocative position with a person who is not his wife.
  • "I’m at a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back and because of that I should make smart decisions. And recently, I didn’t," Hart said. "But I’m also not going to allow a person to have financial gain off of my mistakes and in this particular situation that’s what was attempted. I said I’d rather fess up to my mistakes."
  • The tape at the center of the plot has reportedly been edited with audio of Hart in interviews discussing the infidelity he committed in his first marriage.
  • The woman pictured who threatened to leak the tape has also reportedly said that Hart organized a Hurricane Harvey relief fund to offset bad P.R. over the tape.
  • Meanwhile, Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart told Hollywood Life: "Karma is a b ch," seeming to relish his appearance on Instagram begging his current wife for forgiveness. Eniko, who is eight months pregnant, is fully committed to her marriage and is prepared to help in the extortion case, The Blast reports.
  • Investigators are honing in on at least one suspect, TMZ reports. Hart even attempted to set up a meeting with his extortionists, according the The Blast. Ultimately, the alleged blackmailer got cold feet.


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Dancing with the Stars kicked off Season 25 with a glitzy production number, an introduction to 13 new celebrities and a fast-moving performance schedule. Because so many couples were competing, producers nixed excess chatter from the judges and kept between-dance banter to a minimum. The focus was on the couples, their initial connection and their fancy footwork.

The teams performed on the two-hour episode, making their first appearances before judges Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli. The couples chose among four dance styles – salsa, foxtrot, tango or cha cha – and received their first round of scores.

The teams were also featured in pre-recorded video packages that emphasized meet encounters and rehearsal footage.

Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas and Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold tied for first place with a 22 out of 30 score. Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsepe were in last place with a score of 14. There was no elimination last night since it was premiere week, so we’ll say goodbye to one couple next week.



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Nicole Kidman is catching heat on social media after thanking her children with Keith Urban in her Emmy acceptance speech, but failing to mention the two children she adopted with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Kidman accepted the award for Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for HBO's Big Little Lies, tearfully thanking Urban and her daughters Sunday, 9, and Faith, 6.

  • "I have two little girls, Sunday and Faith, and my darling Keith," Kidman, 50, said in her speech. "This is yours. I want my little girls to have this on their shelf and to look at it and go, 'Every time my mommy didn't put me to bed, it's because of this. I got something!'"
  • Fans were surprised that Kidman didn’t even mention Isabella, 24, and Connor, 22. On social media, many condemned her, but others pointed out that Kidman is likely considered a "suppressive person" by her daughters, who are Scientologists.
  • Leah Remini, a former Scientologist and outspoken critic of the religion, recounted in her book Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, that Kidman’s eldest daughters treat her with hostility.
  • Remini says that when she asked Isabella if she’d seen Kidman recently, she responded: "Not if I have a choice. Our mother is a f---ing SP."
  • There were also opinions about Kidman kissing her co-star Alexander Skarsgard on the lips.
  • As he headed to stage to accept is own Best Supporting Actor role in Big Little Lies, Kidman quickly kissed him. "Nicole kidman really kissed alexander skarsgard (her tv husband) on the mouth in front of her real husband lmao," one person summarized the situation via Twitter.


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Johnny Depp’s Kentucky horse farm is staying on the market after failing to get much traction when it went up for auction Friday. Reports indicate that the highest bids were well below the $2.9 million asking price.

The top bid was reportedly $1.4 million, from radio personality Rick Dees of the Weekly Top 40, the Lexington Herald Ledger reports.

  • The 41-acre property includes a 6,000-square-foot home with seven bedrooms, a guest house, three barns and a four-car garage.
  • Depp is under serious financial strain and is attempting to sell off multiple properties. While the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, he is currently embroiled in a legal battle with his former business managers.
  • He re-listed his estate in the South of France in July of 2016, doubling the asking price from $27 million to $55.5 million.
  • The controversy has revealed numerous facts about Depp’s finances, including that he shells out $3.6 million annually to his 40-person staff, spends $350,000 per month to maintain his 156-foot yacht and allocates $30,000 per month to wine.


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EMMY AWARDS RATINGS HIT ALL-TIME LOW: For people who were actually watching the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday night, it seemed to be going pretty well. Host Stephen Colbert brought former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer onstage to simultaneously poke fun at the ceremony and his former boss. He declared that the CBS broadcast would have "the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period — both in person and around the world." But the presence of Colbert, Spicer hijinks and historic wins for Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Atlanta couldn’t compete with the Green Bay Packer’s game on NBC. The most recent numbers indicate a historically low viewership for the show, down 2% from last year, which was previously the lowest on record. Did you tune in?

MARIAH CAREY’S E! SERIES CANCELLED: E! has opted to not green light a second season of Mariah’s World. The docuseries followed Mariah Carey’s personal and professional life as she geared up for her tour. The show opened to a large audience, but did not hold onto viewers. E! says the season was always meant to be a stand-alone. "E!’s Mariah’s World was an eight-part event that chronicled her 2016 world tour. It was exciting to bring our viewers inside the private world of one of today’s most iconic stars as she returned to the stage last year," a spokesperson tells Variety.

SHONDA RHIMES PARTNERS WITH HEARTS ON LIFESTYLE WEBSITE: What can’t she do? Ahead of the new season of her drama series Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, producer Shonda Rhimes and her crew at Shondaland are launching a website. Dubbed shondaland.com, the site will be hosted by Hearst Magazines and will receive syndication opportunities within Hearst’s stable of glossies, including Elle, Cosmo and Marie Claire. Rhimes, who is also the creative director on Dove’s Real Beauty Productions series, will also collaborate on content. Look for interviews with the likes of Fat Girls Dance founder Cathleen Meredith and barber Kylee Howell. "We’re excited to partner with Shonda Rhimes to bring her unique voice and vision to our highly engaged audience of more than 200 million users a month," said Troy Young, global president, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, in a statement. "As an empowering and inclusive platform for women, we know that shondaland.com will become a must-read for her passionate and growing community of fans."

ANGELINA JOLIE’S FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER JOINS OSCAR’S FOREIGN RACE ENTRIES: Angelina Jolie’s First They Killed My Father has been submitted by Cambodia to the Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film category. The Netflix drama is joining a crowded stage of entries, with almost 50 vying for consideration. The film was made in Cambodia with an all-Cambodian cast and little English dialogue. First They Killed My Father debuted on Netflix on September 15th. It is the highest-profile entry to date in the foreign-language sector of the Oscars race.

IRAN CONFISCATES FILMMAKER MOHAMMAD RASOULOF’S PASSPORT: After returning from Telluride, the Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof’s passport was confiscated. The director, who won the Un Certain Regard award at Cannes this year for his film A Man of Integrity (also known as Lerd), was returning home to Iran from the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado. No reason was given for the confiscation of his passport. He has been ordered to appear at a "culture and media" court in Tehran. A court date has not been set.


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